BetterNOI Redefines Resident Screening

May 7, 2020


BetterNOI Redefines Resident Screening

Why Resident Screening and Technology are tied so closely together, now and for the future


BetterNOI has roots in the tenant screening space dating back more than 20 years ago. Since our inception, we have transitioned into the technology and software field, specifically to provide you with the most up-to-date solutions developed to keep your business running smoothly.

While everyone is aware that technology is changing every day, and how important it is to remain on top of those changes, the “how to keep up?” can often elude businesses. Everyone uses technology for browsing the web, keeping up with social media, and even professional tasks like booking appointments. However, it’s easy to lose sight of just how much it is used to keep businesses up and running.

In the last several months, we revamped the BetterNOI mobile application (which can be found on the Google Play store as well as the Apple store). Companies subscribing to the service can utilize the mobile app with their residents on two levels:

  • Level 1 – includes the ability to send announcements and communicate with residents quickly and easily regarding work orders and other issues
  • Level 2 – includes all the capabilities of level 1, but with two-way text messaging (which makes sense when so many professionals and applicants prefer texts to calls on most days)

In addition to the newer, sleeker designed mobile app we have released our new interactive app for websites called ENGAUGE™ (see our previous article here for more details). How does this work? Your company, whether you utilize BetterNOI to build your website or already have your own, subscribes to the service for a link to be added to the website. The tool can then do the following:

  • Prequalify potential residents based on your criteria
  • Allow them to request a tour by selecting a date and time
  • View your floor plans and apply directly online
  • Create a profile from your website
  • Allow them to explore the neighborhood (an extremely cool feature!)
  • AND we track all the data from the visitors for your easy access on our new platform, so you never lose a lead again!

That’s not all. You can choose from one of our many robust software integrations to streamline your process even more. We currently have integrations with:

  • Rent Manager, ResMan, Yardi CRM, Yardi Voyager, AMSI, MRI, Entrata, Real Page
  • Blue Moon and Docusign

Last but certainly not least, BetterNOI can build either your corporate website or your individual community website(s) on an ADA-compliant platform. We have the technology in place along with a stellar design team that will work with you to get craft the perfect site for your needs. We can also integrate your software solutions into this new site for even more ease-of-use.

Technology is evolving and here to stay. Let the professionals at BetterNOI assist you in achieving your goals for 2020! For more information, please reach out to Jason Montgomery, VP of Sales at and he will have a Regional Sales Executive reach out to you to schedule a webinar.



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