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BetterNOI seeks a mid to senior Full Stack Developer (Python/Django) that will participate in all aspects of developing new and innovative enterprise applications. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology and new product development in an established company that is rapidly growing. This is a great opportunity for an engineer looking to expand their well-established career, who is excited about innovatively solving complex problems, taking ownership of their contributions and who enjoys working with technologies like Python, MariaDB, Django, CouchBase, jQuery, Java and others.



You should have played a significant role in the creation and maintenance of a large-scale public or private facing websites and have extensive experience with Django and be comfortable with Javascript. You should also be comfortable with the entire development life cycle (inception to release) in an Agile environment. You should take great pleasure in creation, chaos and problem solving through healthy debate. You should be comfortable working alone and with a team. Your peers should look to you as an example, and you should be comfortable working independently. You know about python style guides(PEP8); however, you also know how to meld your experience into efficient and usable code. You are passionate about writing eloquent code and take pride in your craft.


  • Participate in architectural, design and product sessions
  • Develop innovative solutions based on product initiatives and business challenges in both Python and Javascript
  • Ensure all Python and Javascript code is suitable for automated unit testing
  • Interact with different stakeholders to gather feedback and clarification
  • Research and apply new technologies and best practices
  • Design and create efficient RESTful endpoints for both internal and public consumption
  • Provide task estimations and deliver quality code on time
  • Own and manage multiple data sources (MySQL, MongoDB, Solr, Elasticsearch etc.)
  • Use Sentry and other monitoring software regularly


  • Solid web developer with at least 4 years of Django experience (or similar frameworks)
  • 5+ years of Python experience and ideally experience with javascript in a single page web app environment such as React or Backbone
  • 3+ years experience with database design and maintenance (MySQL, MariaDB)
  • Proficiency administering large databases (MySQL, MariaDB, Hbase, Hadoop)
  • Proficiency with back and front end caching strategies (memcached, redis, varnish)
  • Exposure to front end MVC frameworks such as Backbone/React/Angular/Handlebars (we use or potentially can use All)
  • Hands-on experience developing, releasing, and maintaining large-scale software applications (web/mobile)
  • Must be a self-starter and enjoy working in a team with other passionate professionals

We are a close knit, agile team that is changing the way fixed cost reduction works through technical innovation, product design and a solid business model. At the heart of our success and growth in our technology implementation resides a group of hardcore technologists and product designers who share a tight bond and believe that collaboration creates a better better experience for our users and stakeholders. As part of the company you will be a part of creating a world class user experience by utilizing your talents anywhere they will be useful.



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